This website is in ARCHIVE status 
In case you didn't notice looking around the rest of this site, Airsoft Specialists is in ARCHIVE status. Meaning I do not currently update it with any new information. The same goes for this blog. I do have a new blog however that can be found here:


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TAPSS starting up in Belgium 
I've gotten a few emails from a man in Belgium who wants to start up a TAPSS league there. It's been diffiult to communicate with him due to his only being able to write in French and use an auto translator... and vice versa on my end... but the gist is, he wants to use the TAPSS system for a league in his country.

I think thats pretty dang cool.

Too bad my range had to close.

Yes that's right. Not enough people in Ohio would stand up and be counted as Practical Shooters... so I had to close. A lot of them talked big...WAYYY to little action.

So yeah... No more Airsoft Specialists Practical Shooting Range.

And I am actually throwing in the towel on airsoft entirely.

If you are interested in purchasing Airsoft Specialists domain, and all the content of the site, including rights to the TAPSS system. Please contact me ASAP. Make me an offer, or I'll tell you what I'm asking for it when you write.

I will also be resigning as the principle forum administrator for I will remain a member as part of the ASF Librarian group.

I know this may come as a shock to many of you who are regular readers of my blog, reviews and articles, or long time members of ASF, but I felt it was time to move on.

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More Videos 

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BIG turnout at TAPSS practice tonight 
Tonight at the weekly ETAPSS practice I had NINE paying customers. It was a blast. We ran through stage one from the June 30th event, then went through the more difficult portion of stage two which includes a mandatory reload station that is best done with speed reloads..

The flow wasn't too bad, people got their turns as they wanted them, and people were quick to clear their targets so others could set up.

It appeared that everyone had a good time, and I hope they all decide to continue coming for practices and League Competitions. Hopefully they will influence others to try it out as well.

If you haven't seen it already, here is a video from the LAST two practices. I only have a few short seconds of video from tonight that i still have to process...

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ETAPSS League scores for June 9th, 2007 
I had planned to close up shop if I didn't get a certain number of participants at this event. It took a lot of thinking to come to this decision, but I have decided to take the current loss and try it for one more month. So all those of you who wanted to come but couldn't have several more chances to try it, and those of you who did come have even more chances to improve on your skills and show what you got.

Thanks to all of you who came out today. I had a great time both in the competition and the practice session that followed. I'm glad to hear you all had a great time too.

Here were the final results of the competition:

AEG Class Stage 1 final scores:
1.) Ray (AKA Evil Head) - 33.95 (15 points)
2.) Carter (AKA Roboscout) - 39.79 (10 points)
3.) Sam (call sign unknown) - 55.69 (5 points)

AEG Class Stage 2 final scores:
1.) Ray (AKA Evil Head) - 27.47 (15 points)
2.) Carter (AKA Roboscout) - 37.96 (10 points)
3.) Sam (call sign unknown) - 59.69 (5 points)

AEG class event final results by championship points:

1st place: Ray (AKA Evil Head) with 30 points
2nd place Carter (AKA Roboscout) with 20 points
3rd place: Sam (call sign unknown) with 10 points.

Stock GBB Class Stage 1 final scores:
1.) Ray (AKA Evil Head) - 50.28 (15 points)
2.) Wes (AKA dub4lyfe) - 65.42 (10 points)
3.) Sam (call sign unknown) - 90.47 (5 points)

Stock GBB Class Stage 2 final scores:
1.) Sam (call sign unknown) - 48.55 (15 points)
2.) Ray (AKA Evil Head) - 64.87 (10 points)
3.) Wes (AKA dub4lyfe) - 86.74 (5 points)

Stock GBB class event final results by championship points:

Sam (call sign unknown) with 25 points
Ray (AKA Evil Head) with 25 points
3rd place : Wes (AKA dub4lyfe) with 15 points

The championship points tally resulted in a tie for first place. The tie was broken by means of a Sudden Death Short Stage between Sam and Ray. The short stage consisted of 1 silhouette target 4 poppers and the stop plate popper. OSC of 18 with no mandatory reload. Results as follows:

1st Place: Sam with a final time of 10.23
2nd Place: Ray with a final time of 12.01

Please help me congratulate all our competitors on stages well shot. Also of course lets give props to our champions:

AEG class event champion: Ray (AKA Evil Head)

Stock GBB class event champion: Sam (call sign unknown)

I would like to request that all those who participated help me out by telling the the brands and models of guns used for the competition, as well as any mods you may have (for the AEG class)

These scores will be published on Airsoft Specialists when I find time to add them to the site.


The championship points earned at this event will go into a seasonal championship tally. If I manage to keep the range open, at the end of the summer the points from each competition will be added up to find the season champions from each class.

Championship points are determined by multiplying the number of participants in each class by 5 to find out the number of points given to each place. The more people that enter each class the more points you can win.

Example.... if you have 6 people in each class, the number of points you win for each stage would be:

1st: 30
2nd: 25
3rd: 20
4th: 15
5th: 10
6th: 5

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